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Phone Numbers
North Las Vegas Area Code:         702
City Main Line633-1000
Animal Control633-1390
Building Safety633-1577
Business License633-1520
City Attorney (Civil)633-1050
City Attorney (Criminal)633-2100
City Clerk Office633-1030
City Manager633-1005
Code Enforcement633-1677
Detention Center633-1400
Economic Development633-1523
Fire Department633-1102
Graffiti Reporting633-1871
Human Resources633-1500
Job Line633-1514
Library District633-1070
Mayor Council633-1007
Municipal Court633-1130
Neighborhood Services633-1532
Parks and Recreation General633-1600
Parks Maintenance633-1256
Permit Appl. Center633-1536
Planning Zoning633-1537
Police Department633-9111
Public Works - Admin.633-1919
Public Works - Roadway Operations633-1313
Public Works - Traffic Operations633-1264
Purchasing / Risk Mgmt.633-1460 Opt. 3
Recreation Neighborhood Center633-1600
Recreation Silver Mesa Center633-2550
Strategic Planning633-1178
VIPS / Volunteers in Police Service633-1017 Ext. 5052
Water Billing633-1484