Watering Schedule

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Use the last digit of your home address to determine your North Las Vegas watering schedule.

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Watering Restrictions

To conserve water, please adjust all irrigation clocks according to the days permitted in your assigned watering group. The assigned watering groups are mandatory for all water customers. Using sprinklers on days other than those assigned wastes water and could result in fines. Potential fines for homeowners start at $40 and double with each violation. Business fines start at $80 and double with each violation.

To learn more about Water Conservation and tips for saving water, please visit the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) website at http://www.snwa.com.

Pool Draining and Refilling

Because storm drains flow untreated water into Lake Mead, it is illegal to drain swimming pools into the street, gutters, or storm drains. The penalty for violation is $500 per incident. To properly drain your pool, attach your drainage hose to your sewer clean-out pipe. The clean-out pipe is usually located by the hose bib, and may be inside a green box.

Once your pool has been refilled, please note that your water bill will increase in the following billing cycle.

For more information on how to drain your pool and/or spa, click here.

SNWA Landscapes, Pools and Spas

Reporting Water Waste

To report water waste, please contact the Water Conservation hotline at (702) 633-1216.