Water Savers Home Guide

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Outdoor water usage accounts for about 60 percent of the average residential bill except in hot summer months, when it can be as high as 90 percent.  Here are some examples:



Running sprinklers for 15 minutes 

200 gallons (depending upon type of sprinklers)

Watering with a hose 

10 - 12 gallons per minute

Washing a car

100 gallons

Cleaning the driveway

50 gallons

Residential water usage accounts for 65 percent of all water used in Southern Nevada.  Here are some examples.



Washing Machine

60 gallons (full cycle), per load


30 gallons (full cycle)


5-8 gallons per minute

Tub bath

36 gallons (full)

Brushing Teeth

5 gallons per minute


5 gallons per minute

Washing Hands

5 gallons per minute

Kitchen Sink 

2 - 5 gallons per minute


2 - 5 gallons per flush

Leaky faucet

50 - 1100 gallons per day

*Information gathered from Southern Nevada Water Authority. For ways to save water indoors and out, call 258-SAVE.