Water Drought Restrictions

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North Las Vegas residents, businesses and government agencies are affected by drought watering restrictions. The new mandatory restrictions are part of a regional drought plan aimed at helping the community cope with the drought.


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Drought Related Ordinances

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Adopt a New Chapter 13.08 Entitled Water Conservation and Drought, Declaring Penalties for Violation of Said Regulations.
En español: Núm. De Ordenanza 1805

To Provide Landscaping Requirements Related to Various Drought Conditions
En español: Núm. De Ordenanza 1806

Amendment To Reflect changes in the Southern Nevada Water Authority drought plans.
En español: Núm. De Ordenanza 1930


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How has the Utility division staff prepared for the new drought requirements?
The City has partnered with the Southern Nevada Water Authority to meet the dramatically increased interest in Water Smart landscaping conversions. In terms of water waste enforcement, field personnel from the Utility division and other divisions will be supporting their efforts to identify water waste.

How has the Utility division prepared for the public perception concerns about responding to leaks in the street?
The Utility division is acutely aware of the public's sensitivity to main breaks and other water leaks and gives leaks priority over maintenance projects.

Is water waste prohibited?
Yes, as a condition of water service agreement as well as by city and county ordinances.

What's the penalty?
The fee amount is based upon the drought level, the meter size and the number of previous violations.

How will the Utility division determine if there is a water waste violation on my property?
A water waste investigator will conduct a field investigation. A warning letter will be sent prior to assessing any monetary penalties. The violation will be photographed to protect your rights.

Can I protest the violation?
Yes, you can submit your protest in writing within 14 days of the date shown on your notice of violation. You may mail or fax the written protest. You can participate in an administrative hearing for your case.

Can future enforcement and fees be suspended if I am working toward correcting the problem?
The City is interested in working with customers to identify permanent solutions to water waste. You may apply for a temporary suspension of water waste rules to pursue corrective action.  Please call (702) 633-1484 for additional information.

All fees assessed prior to the arrangement approval must be paid.

Do I have options other than paying the fee?
Fees must be paid with your water bill but first-time fees may be rebated for those who attend an approved water-efficiency class.

What happens after the fee assessment?
A Water Waste Investigator will conduct a follow-up investigation. If you have not corrected the water waste situation, additional fees may be assessed.

Is any additional help available?
Yes, the Southern Nevada Water Authority is a regional agency that offers free water conservation services and programs. Participating in a water-efficiency initiative may help to prevent water waste. Call (702) 258-SAVE (7283) or visit cityofnorthlasvegas.com or snwa.com for more information.

For interesting local facts on conservation, use the following link to the Southern Nevada Water Authority website at:


Other Questions on Water Conservation?
Please contact us. The Water Conservation Hotline is (702) 633-1216, and is checked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information, call (702) 633-1484 or visit www.snwa.com.