Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program

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Industrial wastewater pretreatment is any procedure or process which controls, reduces or prevents potentially harmful pollutants originating at commercial and industrial properties from entering into the ground water, and/or the storm collection system.

The City of North Las Vegas Municipal Code Chapter 13.28 complies with the federal and state regulation which enforces the industrial wastewater pretreatment program in the City of North Las Vegas.

As the City continues to grow and attract diverse industries and businesses, the potential for pollution also grows — as does the importance of an industrial wastewater pretreatment program.

Who Must Participate?

Restaurants, automotive repair shops, laundries and car washes are some of the facilities that must install, maintain and use pretreatment equipment that removes oil, grease, sand and other pollutants before they can enter the wastewater collection system. Also included in the program are commercial facilities that have chemicals on site that could potentially enter the environment through the wastewater collection system, ground water infiltration or the storm water collection system.

These facilities are required to complete a brief Environmental/Wastewater Survey that indicates the quantities and types of chemical compounds on site and precautions taken to prevent these chemicals from being discharged into the environment. The City’s Pretreatment Inspectors visit each business on a routine basis to educate the businesses and issue permits allowed for specific pollutants and a schedule for future inspections and sampling events.

For additional information, contact the Pretreatment and Environmental Division at 702-633-2849.

Stormwater Quality Construction Permits

For construction projects five acres and greater, a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Construction Permit is required from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). Please contact NDEP at (775) 687-4670 extension 3149 for information regarding NPDES permits.

Pool and Hot Tub Draining

Because storm drains flow untreated water into Lake Mead, it is unlawful for any person to drain or empty any water from a swimming pool, hot tub and/or whirlpool bath into the street or storm drain where the publicly owned sanitary sewer is available. 

Water from a swimming pool, hot tub and/or whirlpool bath shall be discharged into the publicly owned sanitary sewer through a private connection such as a sewer lateral access port, sink, toilet, or bathtub. 

To properly drain your pool, attach your drainage hose to your sewer clean-out pipe. The clean-out pipe is usually located by the hose bib, and may be inside a green box.  

Any person who fails or refuses to comply with the above provisions shall be subject to discontinuance of service and/or any penalties and charges assessed for a water waste violation in accordance with North Las Vegas Municipal Code Chapter 13.08 - Water Conservation.

For more information on how to drain your pool and/or hot tub, visit

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