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"In a time not so long ago"

"Reading water meters was a dangerous game"

Animation of a man handing steaks to meter reading trucks

Animation of meter reading trucks leaving a facility with a sign "The City of north Las Vegas Water Utilities"

Map of North Las Vegas with red dots moving representing the meter reading trucks

Animation of a meter reading truck driving in a residential area zooms out to a cartoon of the sun laughing menacingly

Zooms into meter reading truck showing a meter reader (the driver) cowering from the sun, zooms out to the sun laughing, zooms back to the meter reader

The meter reader leaves the meter reading truck and his skin turns from blue to red as he sweats

The meter reader then looks at a meter reading device and a pole used to open up the cover to the meter

The meter reader walks to the meter and opens up the cover with the pole, and records the exposed meter's information into his meter reader device which makes a bing noise

The meter reader then begins walking to another house and reaches through a gate with a pole in an attempt to open the cover to a meter

A dog looks back at the meter reader through the gate and growls, causing the meter reader to blink his eyes and sweat more

The dog finds an opening at the gate which he runs out of and chases the meter reader, just as the meter reader opens the meter cover

The meter reader runs back to his truck with the dog chasing after him

The meter reader grabs the steak which he was given when he left the Utilities department and throws it to the dog

The dog chases after the steak and the meter reader closes the gate on it

The meter reader then enters the meter's information into the meter reading device which makes a bing noise.

The sun stares and laughs at the meter reader who sweats more.

The picture zooms out to show many houses that the meter reader needs to do meter reading at.

The meter reader sweats profusely and melts, and the meter reading device bings.

"The wave of the future"

"Automated Meter Reading System" (the characters A, M, and R are highlighted in red)

All the characters dissolve except for "A M R"

The scenario starts again, but this time with AMR

The trucks leave the Utilities department but no one hands them out steaks

The trucks move across the map of North Las Vegas represented as red dots

A meter reader drives in his truck to a residential area and cowers at the sun

He then smiles and starts typing on a laptop in his truck which displays the characters "A M R"

The camera then zooms to the truck's air conditioner which the meter reader smiles at.

Instead of walking to each house the meter reader drives by each house and the electronic meters at the houses wireless send their information to the truck. The computer makes a bing noise when this happens and the meter reader smiles.

The sun laughs menacingly at the meter reader then has a confused look on its face and makes a "huh" noise.

The meter reader drives by multiple residences which wireless send his vehicle their meter readings.

A dog grows at the meter reading truck and then has a confused expression after the truck passes it.

The truck continues driving down the street wireless reading meters as the sun sets. The sun has a half grin and sighs.

"This happy ending brought to you by the City of North Las Vegas Utilities Department"

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