Backflow Prevention Program

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Backflow and Cross-Connections

Backflow devices are required on all industrial and commercial properties and many multi-family units to prevent the re-entry (backflow) of used water back into the potable water system. For full information, please reference North Las Vegas Municipal Code 123.20 Backflows and Cross-Connections reference and the Uniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water, including the addenda by visiting the links below.

The City of North Las Vegas requires testing of these devices not less than one-time per year.

The links below include the Annual Backflow List (ABL), which shows all businesses with due dates for the 30-day period indicated as well as information on becoming an approved tester or test company with the City of North Las Vegas. For information not covered, please call the Utilities Department at (702) 633-1275

Annual Backflow List (ABL) (.pdf)

Backflow Ordinance 1125 (.pdf)

Backflow Company Testing Requirements for CNLV (.pdf)

Approved Material List (.pdf) Reference Page 9 for Backflows

Approved Backflow Testing Companies  (.pdf)

Notice of Retrofit Requirements  (.pdf)

Notice of Upgrade Requirements  (.pdf)

Uniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water Systems (.pdf)

Uniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water Systems - CNLV Addenda (.pdf)

Backflow - Tokay Web Test

Tokay Web Test Guide