Backflow Prevention Program

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The Backflow Prevention Program ensures the potable water system is protected in the event of a backflow condition. Backflow is defined as the undesired reverse flow of used water back into the public water supply. Backflow prevention devices are required on all industrial and commercial properties and many multi-family units. For a full description of codes, reference North Las Vegas Municipal Code 13.20 Backflows and Cross-Connections. For information not covered, please contact the Utilities Department at (702) 633-1275 or by email at

Annual Inspection

The City of North Las Vegas requires testing of backflow prevention devices on an annual basis.  When a device becomes due for its annual inspection, a letter will be issued to the water billing account holder notifying them of this requirement.  Devices must be tested by an approved backflow testing company with results submitted to our office by the testing company.

The Annual Backflow List (ABL) lists all businesses with due dates in the current month.

Approved Backflow Testing Companies

Annual Backflow List (ABL)

Backflow Ordinance 1125 

Backflow Retrofit and Upgrades

All water services that do not currently have service protection backflow assemblies are required to come into compliance upon written notification.  All services with previously approved Double Check Detector Assemblies (DCDA), single-check devices, or Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB) must be upgraded upon written notification.  Please note that a permit will be required before install or upgrade.

For more information on obtaining a permit, please contact Public Works, Development and Flood Control at (702) 633-1200.

Notice of Retrofit Requirements 

Notice of Upgrade Requirements

Uniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water Systems

Uniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water Systems - CNLV Addenda

For Backflow Testers

See below requirements to become an approved backflow testing company.

The City of North Las Vegas utilizes Tokay Web Test for all backflow report submittals.  Backflow reports will not be accepted via e-mail, fax or in-person delivery.

Backflow Company Testing Requirements for CNLV

Tokay Web Test Online Portal

Tokay Web Test Guide