Water Resource/Facility Planning

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North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 633-1200
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Manager: Robert McLaughlin, P.E.
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Water Resource and Facility Planning

The Water Resource and Facility Planning work group ensures that City facilities for water and wastewater are identified and planned to maintain existing service levels and to meet future needs. This section is also responsible for maintaining the City’s groundwater well permits and for permitting and reporting of the City’s aquifer storage (recharge) program activities.

Water Sources
Customers in the North Las Vegas water service area receive their water from two sources: groundwater, which is pumped from the deep carbonate aquifer at various wells throughout the City; or surface water, from the Colorado River at Lake Mead. In 2011, the City delivered 46,281 acre-feet of water to customers. Approximately 2.5% of the water delivered was groundwater, an the remaining 97.5% was Colorado River water.

City Wells
The City of North Las Vegas owns and operates both production wells and aquifer recharge wells. The City currently has five (5) production wells, which are used primarily during the summer months to help meet peak demands. The City has an annual production (pumping) right of 5,711 acre-feet.

The City established an “artificial recharge” program in 1990. Four (4) recharge wells are used to inject treated Colorado River water, when available during off-peak winter months. This water is banked in the valley’s groundwater system and has improved groundwater levels. This program aso serves to augment groundwater resources fro future needs.

Private Wells
Private wells are under the jurisdiction of the Nevada State Engineer. Below is the contact information for questions regarding private wells:

Nevada State Engineer, Division of Water Resources
Las Vegas Office Phone Number: (702) 486-2770