Real Property Services

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2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North,
Suite 200
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 633-1213
Fax: (702) 399-1716

Manager: Lorena Candelario, SR/WA
Senior Office Assistant: Tracee Hales

Real Property Services assists City departments in all facets of real estate transactions, providing strategic advice and purchasing property rights for City projects ranging from street rights, drainage and utility easements to parks, trails and fee acquisitions for new or expansion of public facilities. The division is also responsible for the sale of City property when it becomes surplus as well as processing and managing the leased sites on City properties.

Specialized services include preparation and review of City real estate transaction documents in the acquisition of public rights-of-way or properties, relocation of displaced persons or businesses, contracting for appraisal services and specialized consultants, site searches, entry permits, license agreements, acquisition planning, market and lease analysis, and title and escrow process.

Division staff process and manage annexations; handles coordination for the creation of Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) and reapportionment of assessments for existing SIDs; complete plan reviews for planning commission items, mapping, civil improvement plans, building plans, capital improvement projects, and special projects including utilities coordination; administer process for order of vacation documents, release of covenants, recordation of maps and documents; and manage the process of completing park conversions, federal land transfers, and federal and state applications to attain land authorizations.

Right of Way
Acquisition of rights-of-ways and easements for public streets, trails, municipal utilities, and drainage facilities.

Prior to formally applying for the vacation of public rights-of-way, you will need to complete the Vacation Application and the Vacation Pre-Application Review Form.  The forms and checklist items must be submitted to for review and approval. Please read through and complete the forms below:

Purchase, sale, and lease of real property for the benefit of the public including the issuance of permits and/or easements to occupy City-owned property.

Special Improvement Districts
Staff plans, coordinates, and oversees all activities in the creation of different types of special improvement districts while performing a variety of technical tasks.