Development & Flood Control

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City Hall
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North,
Suite 200 
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 633-1200
Fax: (702) 649-4696

Manager: Mark A. Escobedo, P.E., CFM
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The Development and Flood Control Division processes all commercial, industrial, and residential land development projects by performing comprehensive reviews of civil improvement plans, maps, drainage studies, and water/sewer technical studies for compliance with state, local and federal regulations; calculates and collects development-related fees, agreements and sureties; reviews and conditions Planning Commission applications; and issues permits for grading and off-site construction activities. It is also responsible for the administration and management of FEMA-regulated flood zones, the Community Rating System, and issues Flood Zone Determinations to the community. It ensures compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program, implements the Clark County Regional Flood Control District Master Plan and prioritizes the funding and construction of flood control facilities. This division is also responsible for coordinating the City’s conformance to the Las Vegas Valley Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit and various air quality permits, and administers the Southern Nevada Water Authority Well Conversion Program.

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For an overview of the land development process in the City of North Las Vegas, please Click here to view our Land Development Guide.

Are you looking for information on approved projects? If you need information on existing and/or approved but not yet constructed subdivision grading or infrastructure plans, Development and Flood Control can research the information for you.  Staff research is typically completed within eight (8) to ten (10) working days. If the information is needed sooner, self-service research on the City’s digital document archival system is available. To make an appointment, call 633-1200.  Staff time to write the self-service information to a CD will take approximately four (4) business days.  Below is the information request form.

Information Request Form - Public Works (Development & Flood Control) 
(.pdf 140K)

Document Research/Retrieval Fee Schedule

Research by Staff

$50 first ½ hour (min. 15 minute increments) +
$25 each ½ hour thereafter (min. 15 minute increments) +$10.00 per CD

Research by customer

$10 per CD +
$1.00 per plan set/study on CD

Hard copy fees

$1.00 per sheet - 8 ½" x 11" and 11" x 17"
$2.00 per sheet - 24" x 36"

Visit our pages listed below for specific information on Drainage Study Reviews, Civil Improvement Plan Review, and Bonds, Agreements and Fees including fee schedules, submittal applications, and other pertinent information.

Flood Control/Drainage:

Dan Le, P.E., CFM

(702) 633-1932

Civil Improvement Plan Review, Mapping and Permitting:

Mark A. Escobedo, P.E., CFM

(702) 633-1933

Fees, Sureties and Agreements:

Sonya Goetz

(702) 633-1919

Water Resource/Facility Planning:

Mark A. Escobedo, P.E., CFM

(702) 633-1933