Civil Improvement Plan Review And Permitting

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Civil Improvement Plan Review and Permitting

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The City of North Las Vegas Land Development Guide outlines the City's development process from entitlements to permits. Click here for the Land Development Guide.

Civil Improvement Plans: The civil improvement plans are required for all infrastructure, grading, commercial driveway construction, and site improvements proposed on a parcel. Public Works reviews the plans for compliance to the City of North Las Vegas Municipal Code Titles 16 and 17 , Clark County Area Standard DrawingsMaster Plan of Streets and HighwaysUniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water (UDACS), and City of North Las Vegas AddendaDesign and Construction Standards for Wastewater Collection Systems (DCSWCS) and City of North Las Vegas AddendaWater Service Rules and specific City of North Las Vegas development standards. Public Works-Development and Flood Control (DFC) Project Leaders will coordinate the review of civil plans for all City reviewing entities within the City. These entities include:

  • Development and Flood Control
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Real Property Services
  • Construction Services
  • Engineering/CIP
  • Fire Department
Pre-submittal Meeting - Prior to formal submittal of civil improvement plans, contact the Development and Flood Control project leader to schedule a pre-submittal meeting. The project leader for your development will be noted in the drainage study/waiver approval letter and will be the point of contact for the civil plans to aid the developer/engineer in a successful review and timely approval of the civil design of the site. Please note that both the developer and the stamping engineer for the project must attend the pre-submittal meeting. The redlined plan set generated at this meeting is required to be included in the submittal packet for the civil improvement plans.

Submittal of Improvement Plan - The full civil improvement plan package as detailed on the submittal application provided below, may be submitted after the Project Leader determines that the plans are acceptable for review. Once the plans have been accepted, the initial review is typically completed three weeks from date of City acceptance.

If a Final Map is associated with the Civil Improvement Plans, it will need to be submitted to the Public Works front counter concurrently with the Civil Plans.  This is necessary because both items must be approved at the same time. 

The City of North Las Vegas has compiled a Civil Improvement Checklist to inform engineers and developers of specific city requirements, and other items of interest within a typical set of civil improvement plans.  Utilization of the checklist should minimize the number of reviews necessary to obtain approval.   Below are links to this checklist and other documents necessary for the pre-submittal meeting and subsequent submittal of civil improvement plans to the City.

Interactive Hydraulic Grade Line Request Form

Civil Improvement Plan Review Submittal Application - In House Process 

Developer Questionnaire Regarding Organizational Status, Project Type, and Request for Document

General Notes

Utilities General Notes

Traffic Signal General Notes

Signature Approval Lines

Off-Site Improvement Bond and Fee Estimate (.xls )

Internal Processing - Upon acceptance of the full civil package by the Development & Flood Control Division, the civil improvement plans will be distributed to the Fire Department, Real Property Services, Construction Services, Engineering Services, Development and Flood Control, and Transportation Services for review.  The Project Leader will complete the plan review by collecting and compiling divisional comments, checking the Bond and Fee Estimate and preparing a correction letter.

Plan Approval - After the engineer has made the necessary corrections to the civil improvement plans and completed all required Traffic Cost Participation requirements, Off-Site Improvements Agreements, Easement Dedications, and any other required documents, the Project Leader will accept the mylar plan set and immediately begin routing them for approval signatures. While signatures are being obtained, the Project Financial Summary will be completed and faxed to both the engineer and developer with notification of the amount of required fees and bonds. The City Engineer’s approval signature will not be obtained until all fees have been paid, bonds and agreements are in place and, for subdivisions, the associated Final Map is in mylar form and ready for the City’s approval signature.

The City of North Las Vegas provides an outsourced review of civil improvement plans with a guaranteed turn around time of two weeks. To be eligible for the outsourced review process, the candidate project must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be considered by the City to be relatively free of potentially complex technical issues (i.e., large developments, complex designs, significant drainage impacts, multi-jurisdictional review, etc.);
  2. Be less than 40 acres for a residential/multi-family development or less than 30 acres for a commercial/industrial development;
  3. Applicable traffic and drainage studies or updates must be approved; and
  4. All items listed on the submittal application linked below be included in the submittal package. 

If the approval process exceeds 2 reviews then the plans will be kept in house for the final reviews.

Civil Improvement Plan Review Submittal Application - Outsourced Process (.pdf 211K)

In addition to all City of North Las Vegas plan check and inspection fees, the following is a summary of the additional fees associated with an Outsourced Review:

Residential/Multi-Family Developments

Project Size (gross area)

Outsourced Review Fee

≤ 10 acres


10+ to 20 acres


20+ to 30 acres


30+ to 40 acres


Commercial/Industrial Developments

Project Size (gross area)

Outsourced Review Fee

≤ 10 acres


10+to 20 acres


20+ to 30 acres


These fees are due upon submittal of the civil plan package.

Single lot home construction plot and grading plans are reviewed by Public Works to insure compliance with City of North Las Vegas Municipal Code Titles 13, 16, and 17, Clark County Area Standard DrawingsMaster Plan of Streets and HighwaysUniform Design and Construction Standards for Potable Water (UDACS) and City of North Las Vegas AddendaDesign and Construction Standards for Wastewater Collection Systems (DCSWCS) and City of North Las Vegas AddendaWater Service Rules, and specific City of North Las Vegas development standards. Below are links to documents necessary for the compilation and submittal of civil improvement plans to the City:

Single-Family Residence Civil Improvement Plan Application and Checklist (.pdf 79K) 

Single-Family Residence Signature Approval Lines (.pdf 140K)

Note that Single Family Residences located on 80-foot streets or greater require an onsite turn around for the dwelling’s driveway or a circular driveway.

Public Works reviews, permits, and inspects stockpiles to determine if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Must not exceed 6-feet in height
  2. Must be at lease 100-feet away from all property lines and rights-of-way
  3. Must not be located within 100-feet of an existing wash or drainage way
  4. Must be paved access to the stockpile location

Stockpiles are the temporary placement of soil on a site. Stockpiles may not be compacted or spread. All stockpiled materials must be moved again during the engineered fill process that is permitted through a grading permit and monitored by a geotechnical observer. 

Stockpile Plan Submittal Application (.pdf 141K)

Public Works utilizes the approved mylars for a civil plan set as the “as-built” drawings for all Public Works related improvements. Thus, as construction proceeds, revisions to the approved plans must be submitted, reviewed, and approved for any construction conflict resolutions or field condition corrections. Revisions to formal plans are only to be utilized for these two aforementioned items while the surety and offsite improvement agreement are still in place.

Plan Revision Submittal Application - Public Works (.pdf 261K)

All revisions must be RED-LINED on the approved plans. Replots of sheets will only be allowed for substantial revisions and are the exception, not the rule. All replots must be authorized by DFC prior to submittal.

The fee for a formal revision to approved plans is an hourly rate. There is a minimum one hour charge of $50.00, with a rate of $50.00/hour for each additional hour spent in review of the revision. The minimum charge of $50.00 is due upon submittal with the remaining fee due prior release of mylar for revision.

Public Works issues all permits for work proposed within the public rights-of-way and for all approved grading.  Permits will only be issued once civil plans are approved.  A listing of all permits required for new development in the City of North Las Vegas is listed in our Permit Matrix. The project’s contractor must pick up their permit from the City prior to commencing any work on a site.  The following permits are issued for work completed within the City of North Las Vegas:

Permit Type

Permit Coverage




Any earthwork that includes the spreading, compacting, excavating, or filling of soil on a site.

  • $75 issuance fee per permit


Any work completed within right-of-way.

  • $75 issuance fee per permit


Temporary stockpiling of soil as defined above.

  • Fee based on the stockpile application
  • Tortoise mitigation fee (if applicable)
  • $75 issuance fee per permit

Dry Utility

Placement of any dry utility facility and/or appurtenances within the right-of-way.

  • $200 per permit
  • $75 issuance fee per permit

Residential Driveway*

Construction of a residential driveway not associated with a Single Family Residence Plot and Grading Plan.

  • $100 per driveway
  • $75 issuance fee per permit

*NOTE: Commercial driveways require a full civil improvement plan submittal due to the need for easements, detailed design, and highpoint requirements.

All permits are valid for 6 months. If the work is not completed in that time frame, the permit will need to be renewed in order to obtain an inspection. Permit renewal fee of $75.00 will be charged to issue the new permit.

All plans for utility connections to City-owned facilities must be reviewed and approved by Public Works. The Utility Connection Plans follow the same process as the Civil Improvement Plans and requires a pre-submittal meeting with a Project Leader prior to acceptance at the front counter.

Sewer/Water Line Plan Review Submittal Application (.pdf 155K)

Plans for the placement of all dry utility conduit and appurtenances within the public right-of-way are reviewed and approved by the Public Works. All dry utility facilities must be located behind the existing and/or future curb line. The City of North Las Vegas’ Dry Utility Policy was drafted to guide engineers, developer, utility owners, and contractors in the proper placement of dry utility facilities.