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City of North Las Vegas
Benchmark Book Disclaimer


This 2006 Benchmark Book supersedes the August 1, 1997 Benchmark Book.

This updated Benchmark Book is the result of the combined efforts of the Clark County, City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson and the City of North Las Vegas Surveyors’ offices.  The primary vertical control network was established from using unilaterally recognized and common stable benchmarks, in bedrock at the four (4) corners of the Las Vegas Valley.  Benchmark Elevations published herein are based on this network.

The 2006 Benchmark network was adjusted and constrained to the same elevations published by the National Geodetic Survey, NGS, used for the 2003 Clark County Benchmark Book.

The results of this primary vertical control network indicate that the entire Las Vegas Valley, to some degree, has experienced vertical displacement and therefore should be considered vertically active.

In order to help identify subsidence in localized areas and to reduce, or eliminate human and computer error, the only effective use of this data for any project, must include checking into multiple benchmarks in the network.  Any property documented discrepancies between benchmark elevations as published herein, should be reported to the North Las Vegas City Surveyor’s office as soon as possible.

Commencing with this publication, Northing and Easting coordinates based upon the "Nevada Coordinate System of 1983, East Zone" as defined by the Nevada Revised Statues Chapter 327 are provided for each benchmark location as an aid to locate and verify the proper benchmark is being utilized.  Coordinates shown for each benchmark are approximate and must not be used as a basis for any horizontal survey control purposes.

Where possible, benchmarks have been placed within public rights-of-way.  The City of North Las Vegas does not grant or authorize access to benchmarks across public lands and/or privately owned or controlled property. It is the responsibility of the consultant performing the work to acquire proper access to any benchmark across these properties.

Additions and periodic updates, utilizing the 2006 adjustment, will be published via the Internet.  This office advises all users to check for revisions and/or updates prior to commencing work on any project.

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