Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values

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The North Las Vegas Police Department is committed to enhancing the safety and security of our citizens by providing effective, efficient, law enforcement and promoting community partnerships.


The Mission of the North Las Vegas Police Department is to enforce state, federal, and local laws within the framework of the constitution.  We encourage the involvement of the community to assist in holding accountable those that commit crimes.


  • Reduce crime
  • Increase clearance rates
  • Continue community partnerships and programs
  • Fiscal oversight and reduce spending where possible by evaluation of spending practices, purchasing supplies, and contract awards
  • Search for alternative funding sources that will provide the best opportunities to hire, purchase equipment, and acquire technologies.


Quality Service
  We deliver the highest level of excellence and strive to continuously improve services

  We treat each other with respect in all interactions

  We are committed to making the right decisions for the right reasons

  We sustain an environment that respects individual opinion while building consensus to a
  common goal

  We encourage risk taking in order to try new approaches and experiencing new ideas

  We take ownership in what we do and do the job right

  We inspire others to achieve their goals by leading by example.