Pet License Information

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Information regarding animal protection regulations within the City of North Las Vegas, including pet licensing requirements and fees, are included in Title 6 of the North Las Vegas Municipal Code. Staff from the Animal Protection Services Division are happy to assist you with obtaining a new license or renewing an existing license for your pet.

To license your pet on-line please click here:

To license your pet by mailClick here for a North Las Vegas Pet License form

Para obtener una licencia de mascotas por correo: Haga click aquí para un Formulario de Licencia de Mascotas de North Las Vegas

Prior to visiting our office, please review the license requirements below to ensure you have the documentation necessary to obtain your pet’s license.

Licensing requirements:

  • You will be required to present a current rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian in order to license your pet.
  •  Annual License Fee:


Sterilized Dogs and Cats*


$10.00 each


$5.00 each for sterilized dogs or cats owned by individuals 62 years of age or older


*(Must provide evidence of sterilization from licensed veterinarian.)




Unsterilized Dogs and Cats


$25.00 each


$15.00 each for unsterilized dogs or cats owned by individuals 62 years of age or older.

Helpful Information:

  • North Las Vegas Municipal Code requires that dogs and cats be spayed or neutered unless exempt from the requirement pursuant to NLVMC 6.16.020.
  • Dogs and cats are required to wear the license tag at all times.
  • Licenses must be renewed annually. (Two and three year licenses may be available under certain requirements.  Contact 633-1750 for more details.)
  • A pet license is required in addition to any rabies tag your veterinarian may have issued to you at the time of vaccination.
  • A maximum of three dogs, three cats, and three ferrets are allowed at any one location or residence.
  • Dog and Cat Fancier Permits may be obtained from the Animal Protection Services Division in accordance with Title 6 of the North Las Vegas Municipal Code.
  • Pot-bellied pigs may be permitted pursuant to Title 6 of the North Las Vegas Municipal Code and are required to be licensed by the age of four months. The annual license fee for a pot-bellied pig is $25.00.

For further information regarding animal control regulations within the City of North Las Vegas, please contact the Animal Protection Services Division.