Community Oriented Policing Unit (COP)

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2250 Las Vegas Blvd. North, Suite 300
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 633-1705

Welcome to the Community Oriented Policing Unit (COP). Here at the North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD), we are committed to maintaining a culture of community policing that all personnel contribute to on a daily basis.

Officers assigned specifically to the COP Unit are responsible for various programs designed to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime, enhance the relationships within the community, build trust within the community, and to encourage an open dialogue between the community and the Police Department to improve the quality of life for all within the City of North Las Vegas.

COP Unit Programs:

Community Cam Program

Partnership with Neighbors by RING App

The Neighbors App by RING allows all community members to see, post, and engage on posts related to specific crime and safety issues in their neighborhood. You do not have to have a RING device to use this platform. NVLPD has partnered with RING to use their law enforcement portal of the app as a tool to better engage with and inform the community on crime and safety. The app also allows NLVPD to submit video requests to app users for use in investigations. The NLVPD knows the help of the community is integral to solving crime and this app aids in that pursuit. Download the app today to join your neighbors and the NLVPD in the fight against crime.  

R.E.C.A.P. (Rebuilding Every City Around Peace)

R.E.C.A.P. is a Faith-based community and law enforcement partnership that calls for effective intervention and response to a crime or trauma scene in an effort to prevent further violence. Faith-based volunteers who participate in R.E.C.A.P. are activated by law enforcement supervisors in charge of specific crime scenes or incidents. R.E.C.A.P. employs proven methods to combat and neutralize the culture of violence. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this program please contact us at

S.I.L.A. (Summons In Lieu of Arrest) Program

The S.I.L.A. Program was developed so businesses with a security department or asset protection team could handle low risk, in custody incidents, without police response. After a business has been signed up for the program and received proper training, they can process their own paperwork for misdemeanor violations including trespass, petit larceny, and disturbing the peace. Please contact us if you are a business interested in implementing this program at

Youth Engagement Programs:

Police Explorer Program

PAL (Police Athletic League) Program

The purpose of the PAL Program is to reach children aged 5-18 in an effort to cultivate strong positive attitudes with and towards law enforcement. This program provides memorable experiences with our Officers in a setting that is fun, healthy, and inviting. Throughout the year Officers teach and play a variety of sports with the youth in our community, who then compete in tournaments against other law enforcement agencies youth across the valley.

School Career Day Requests

COP Officers can be requested to attend career days at schools in North Las Vegas. If you are a school administrator or teacher and are interested in having an Officer come to one of your classes, please contact us at

Event Requests:

Any and all event requests should be directed to the Community Engagement Division by emailing This allows your event to be evaluated and sent to the best division(s) for possible Police Department involvement or participation.


The COP Unit encompasses a large umbrella of programs and responsibilities. The unit is quickly growing and developing new programs and strategies to better serve our community every day. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.