Apartment Watch

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Apartment Watch programs can also be successful when Managers of Apartment/Multi-family housing communities work together with good residents and law enforcement to combat criminal activity.

Who administers Apartment Watch?

Apartment Managers administer the program for their assigned property.  This is due to the fact that residents in multifamily housing communities are generally short term and therefore transitional.

Who can be involved?

Any resident can be involved, and will need to work together with the management to ensure the program is successful.

How do I start an Apartment Watch program?

  • Talk with your community manager, and establish which days/hours they would be feasible for holding an initial meeting.
  • 4 weeks prior to your desired meeting date, contact the Community Services Division at (702) 633-1808, and schedule a Crime Prevention Specialist to attend and give a presentation on the program, home security and other Crime Prevention practices.
  • After your initial meeting, work with the police department to order and put up Apartment Watch signs.