Animal Control Division

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Protecting the health, safety and welfare of residents and animals in
North Las Vegas communities


North Las Vegas Animal Control
655 N. Mojave Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 633-1750
Email repsonses may be delayed.

Please contact dispatch at (702) 633-1390 for animal complaints or officer requests.

Animal Control officers are on duty from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, seven days a week, including holidays.

The North Las Vegas Animal Control Division is located at the Animal Foundation Shelter (

The purpose of the City of North Las Vegas Animal Control Division is to educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership and enforce City animal ordinances. We perform a variety of services that help animals as well as the public:  rescuing injured or sick animals, controlling stray and potentially dangerous animals roaming at large, removing stray dead animals from private and public property and transporting lost pets to the animal shelter where their owners can reclaim them.

Animal Control officers are on duty every day, handling many routine, as well as emergency situations with pets and wild animals. One of the most important things that we do is to investigate animal bites. Animals that bite are quarantined and placed under observation to make sure the threat of rabies does not exist. Other situations we investigate are animal cruelty and abuse, complaints of animal noise annoyance, unsanitary conditions, and abandoned animals.


What does the Animal Control Division do?
Animal Control has many responsibilities including but not limited to:

What the Animal Control Division doesn't do

Although the Animal Control Division is committed to customer service there are certain things that we are not equipped to do:

  • Provide veterinary services. 
  • Shelter or board animals. 
  • Accept owner owned animals. 
  • Handling indigenous wildlife complaints, unless the animal appears injured or sick. 
  • Pigeon complaints. 
  • Africanized honey bee complaints. 

What to do if you've lost your pet?

  • The first thing to do is search your surrounding neighborhood.
  • Second is to visit the Animal Foundation Shelter. 
    You can either do this in person, or search their database of animals via the internet at
  • It's recommended to visit the shelters no less than every other day with proof of ownership to locate your lost pet.

What steps do I take to license my animal?

  • While living in North Las Vegas, any person owning or possessing a dog or cat must obtain a license for the life of the animal issued by the City of North Las Vegas. 
  • The annual fee for such license shall be:

               $10.00 for a sterilized dog or cat;

               $25.00 for an unsterilized dog or cat;

               $5.00 for a sterilized dog or cat owned by a senior citizen;

               $15.00 for an unsterilized dog or cat owned by a senior citizen. 

  • Proof of rabies vaccination, as required by both the State of Nevada and Title Six of the North Las Vegas Municipal Code, and must be provided prior to issuance of the license. 
  • Pet licenses are available at the Animal Foundation Shelter, the North Las Vegas Animal Control Division or on line.

To license your pet by mail: Click here for a North Las Vegas Pet License Form

Para obtener una licencia de mascotas por correo: Haga click aquí para un Formulario de Licencia de Mascotas de North Las Vegas

To license your pet on-line:

How does Animal Control handle animal noise annoyance complaints?

  • We check the welfare of the animal to make sure it is not in pain or suffering.
  • If the animal's welfare is in good condition, we advise the owner of the complaint and ask that they monitor their animal(s).
  • Our second response to the same complaint would result in a stern warning to monitor their animal(s).
  • The third response would result in a mandatory mediation hearing.
  • A fourth complaint would result in a signed formal complaint from the complaining party and the Animal Control Officer.

Do Cats and Dogs have to be spayed or neutered in North Las Vegas?

Yes, the City of North Las Vegas has a mandatory spay/newter ordinance that requires all dog and cats to be spayed or neutered.

Is there a leash law in North Las Vegas?
All pets regardless of age, must be leashed at all times, unless confined on or within the owners' property. Permitting animals to run at large is unlawful, which could result in a fine up to $1137.00 per offense.

Should I vaccinate my animal?
Regardless of an animal's lifestyle, the State of Nevada and City of North Las Vegas require that all dogs, cats and ferrets over the age of 3 months be vaccinated against rabies. The primary reason is to prevent the spread of rabies. Rabies, while not currently widespread, is still prevalent in the wild and a threat to domestic pets. 

Animal Control recommends you vaccinate your pet against all common diseases.

Cat Trap Program

Animal Control loans cat traps to citizens to catch stray or feral cats that are trespassing on private property.  Animal Control will pick up the cat after it is contained in a trap.  A $65.00 deposit check is required to secure the trap.  When the trap is returned, your deposit will be returned.  Call 702-633-1390 to request a trap..

Do Your Doody

Pet Waste is an environmental concern. Be part of the solution by doing your "doody."  The Las Vegas Wash has consistently measured fecal coliform bacteria that is attributable to pet waste. Pollution source (pet waste) prevention ensures less bacteria in the water.

How can you help? By regularly disposing of your pet's waste in the trash rather than washing it down the gutter.