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I am a new customer. What do I need to do?

Important note: Your account will not become active unless you register and pay for programs when you create your new account.

While online, you can click the "My Account" tab and the "Create New Account" button in order to set yourself up with an account. Fill in the necessary information, including the selection of a Main Contact. You can add members of your family to the account by clicking the "Add Client" button after you have entered a valid address. When you’ve added everyone in your family and filled in all the necessary fields, click the "Submit" button.

There is only one Password that is shared by your family members. Any family member can sign in and register other family members. The User ID used to sign in does not have to be the person that is being registered. Your user ID and password will be sent to you within 48 hours. You will be allowed to register without this information.

I am a existing customer. What do I need to do?

If you are a current customer with the City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Department, your family has been set up with its own account and has been given an Account PIN number that is shared with all family members. The primary member of your family (Main Contact) also has their own Login ID. Your Account PIN Number identifies your Family to the system. Your Login ID tells the system which individual is signing in. Both numbers are combined to provide an extra level of security for you within our database. Your PIN Number should be kept confidential.

Website security

The City of North Las Vegas Online Registration website is hosted by Active Network. The Active Network securely processes millions of online transactions annually. Industry standard security techniques are used for securing the website and data including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, secure software architecture design, and firewalls. All credit cards processing complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard. In addition Visa transactions are compliant with the Visa Account Information Security (AIS) program, and MasterCard transactions are compliant with the MasterCard Site Data Protection (SDP) program.

What payment methods can I use online?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can you store my credit card information for future use?

No. Each time you register for a program you must supply credit card information.

I don't have or want to use a credit card over the Internet can I still use Online Registration to register?

No. You can go to one of our two recreation centers and register in person.


I forgot my Login ID and Account PIN Numbers

Forgot My Password is a feature that can assist you with your personal information. You must enter an email address that matches the one your family has on file with the City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation. Online Registration will then email you your Barcode and PIN.

How do I add more family members to my account or update my mailing address?

Changes can be made to your account by either visiting or calling the appropriate Parks and Recreation facility.  Aquatics 633-1493, Neighborhood Recreation Center 633-1600, Safekey 633-1608, Silver Mesa 633-2550.

I am unable to log in

You will be locked out of your account after trying to login five (5) times unsuccessfully. To unlock your account either stop using Online Registration for ten minutes and then try again., or contact the City of North Las Vegas Parks and Recreation Department at When you re-try to login you may have to refresh your web browser (Click "Refresh" in Internet Explorer or "Reload" in Netscape.)

There is only one Password that is shared by your family members. Any family member can sign in and register other family members. The User ID used to sign in does not have to be the person that is being registered.

What email address should my family provide for Online Registration?

Only the email address of the Main Contact is logged into the system. This enables the account holder to control who has access to the "Password" with the "I forgot my Account Information" function.


How do I register for a course?

  • Click on the My Account tab. Enter your Login ID and Account PIN.
  • Search for programs by clicking on the Activities tab or use the "Continue Shopping" button.
  • Click the "Add" button to add your selection to your shopping basket.
  • Select "Client Selection" to assign a family member to a course.
  • Use the tabs at the top of the page to move back and forth between Activities and My Basket until you are finished shopping or use the Continue Shopping Button.
  • When finished shopping, click the "Go to Checkout" button and make your payment.
    You must make a full payment to finalize your purchases. Class space is not reserved until payment has been received.
  • Print a copy of your transaction as a receipt.

How can I see what programs my family members are currently registered in?

  • Click on the My Account tab.
  • Enter your Login ID and Account PIN.
  • My Account will contain the names of all your family members.
  • Click the "History" button to see details of current registrations.or
  • Click the "Details" button to see personal data on file.

How do I withdraw from a course?

The City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Department strives to provide quality programs. If you are not satisfied, please contact the appropriate recreation center. All refund requests must be made in writing in person or by mail.

How do I search for a course?

Go to the "Activities" tab and click on the program title for class listing, locations, etc... All of the programs being offered will be displayed with a brief description. You may also search from the Advanced Search function by keyword search. Full or partial activity name can be typed in the keyword field. You can also browse to a program using the current Activity Schedule.

How do I transfer to another course?

Please call the appropriate Recreation Center during business hours for more details.

Are there programs that are not available in Online Registration?

Most programs are available for registration via Online Registration. However at this time registration is not available for intermediate/advanced level courses, Early Childhood Education classes and some senior programs. If there is no "ADD" button, this course is currently not available for internet registration

How can I tell if a course is available or if I have been wait listed?

When searching for a course, before adding it to your basket, there will either be an "ADD" or "WAIT LIST" button. On rare occasions, clients may simultaneously select "ADD" to register for the last available spot for the same course. If this occurs, the unsuccessful client(s) will automatically be wait listed. When viewing "My Basket," check to see if a course fee appears under the Fee column indicating that you are registered, or if the word WAIT LIST appears, indicating the course is full and you have been wait listed.

How do I register a child/person from another family?

If you are registering and paying for another family you will have to visit the appropriate Recreation Center during business hours.

How will I know if a spot becomes available after I have wait listed?

If a spot should become available due to another person cancelling or transferring out of the class, you will receive a call from us. At that time you can decide whether to take or decline the spot. If we leave a message for you on an answering machine or with a person, you must return our call by the end of the next business day in order to request that spot.

How can I find out my position on the WAIT LIST?

You can contact the appropriate Recreation Center during business hours

What is the procedure for registering if a participant is the incorrect age?

Online Registration will not allow you to register if the participant does not meet the required age by the start of the program. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the appropriate Recreation Center during business hours.


A full refund will be issued for all courses cancelled by the Parks & Recreation Department.

Program Cancellation

Register early to avoid disappointment. Delayed registration may result in a program cancellation. If your class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, you may transfer, free of charge, to another program - subject to availability - or receive a full refund.


Contact the City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Department at