Traffic School Information

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Pursuant to NRS 483.450, demerit points, as well as charges that carry no demerit points, are reported to the DMV five business days after a conviction on a case with moving violations.  In most cases to prevent demerit points from being assessed against your driving history you may attend traffic school.  If you choose or are sentenced to attend traffic school you must present your certificate of completion to the court within five business days of adjudication (i.e., entering a plea), unless a Judge allows additional time. The point value of most moving violations may be checked on the Nevada DMV's website at .

All moving violations that are four or fewer points will be amended to a parking citation with the completion of a Level 1 Nevada Traffic School.  Moving violations worth five or more points will be amended to a parking citation with the completion of a Level 2 Nevada Traffic School.  A list of acceptable online or live traffic school classes may be found on the Nevada DMV's website at .

Violations without demerit points (e.g. DUI, no proof of insurance, driving without a valid driver's license, etc.) are not eligible for an amendment unless granted by a Judge. See next paragraph for an exception to this rule.

Child restraint violation convictions will be dismissed upon completion of a family vehicle safety program for first time convictions pursuant to NRS
484B.157. Possible reductions or dismissals of subsequent convictions of this violation are at the discretion of a Judge. For a list of acceptable family vehicle safety programs go to .  This class must be completed within sixty (60) days.
Certificates of traffic school completion and/or completion of the family vehicle safety program must be submitted to the court in person, faxed to 702-399-6296 or emailed to .