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From your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can send your print job to one of our library branches.  Each print job will cost 10 cents per page, single sided, black and white, with a maximum of 50 pages.  Please pick up your print outs within 24 hours of submitting.

Method 1:  Send the print job through our Web Portal.
Select the URL link to the library branch you wish to send your print job.

City Hall/Main Library:
Aliante Library:
Alexander Library:

The link will take you to the web page for that branch.  Enter your e-mail address, in the 'User Info' box.  Use the 'Browse' button in the 'Select Document' box, to find the file you wish to print on your computer or laptop.  Click the Image of Go Button button to send your print job.  You can then select the number of copies you wish to print and or specific pages.  Click the Image of Go Button button to continue.  On the next screen you will see the number of pages that will be printed.  Click on the Image of PrinterOn Green Print Button button to complete the task.

Method 2:  E-mail the item you wish to print.
Use your e-mail program and send or forward an e-mail with the attached document to one of the branch e-mail addresses that appears below.

City Hall/Main Library:
Aliante Library:
Alexander Library:

The e-mail message itself will not print, but the attached document will be available.

Method 3:  From your smartphone.
For smartphones, you can download and install an app to help you send your print job.
Go to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, to download and install the PrinterOn Mobile Printing app.  You can also go to the PrinterOn Apps web site for more information and links to install and use their tool for printing.  The logo for the app looks like this: PrinterOn App Logo

Launch the app and select of the printer you wish to send the job to.  Choose from "Document', 'Email', Photos' or 'Web'.  Give PrinterOn permission to access your documents or photos.  Press the green print button and provide an e-mail address.  The e-mail address will be used to log into the Print Release Terminal and help identify your print job.

PrinterOn Mobile App for iOS and Android Manual.

To pick up your printed document, go to the Print Release Terminal at the branch that the job was sent to and use your e-mail address to access the print out.  You must pay by cash.  The machine only accepts coins and dollar bills.

List of PrinterOn supported file formats.