Planning and Zoning FAQs

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What is zoning?

Why is it important to know if my property is located within the City of North Las Vegas?

How can I find out the zoning for my property?

Where can I find the development regulations for my property?

How can I obtain written confirmation of the zoning for my property?

What is the Comprehensive Master Plan?

How can I change my property zoning or apply for other land use entitlements?

How can I obtain a copy of the staff report for my land development application?

What if I have specific questions about the staff report?

Why do I need Planning & Zoning approval for my business license application?

Why do I need Planning & Zoning approval to build a pool, garage, patio cover or shed on my property?

What if my project does not require a building permit?

When do I need a building permit?

What is needed for an addition to my home?

How do I apply to run a business from my home?

What is needed to build a second garage or a casita?

How do I find my setbacks?

What are the permitted uses on my property?