North Fifth Street Transit Supportive Land Use Plan

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Interested citizens, property owners, developers, and public officials attended a series of four public workshops hosted by the Department of Planning and Zoning and the Department of Public Works during May 2005.

The workshops were designed to gather input from stakeholders in the community about future land use alternatives along North Fifth Street and to explore the possibility of implementing a transit-oriented development (TOD) land use plan along this important north-south transportation corridor.

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1WkshpMay05North 5th Street Transit Support Land UseWorkshop - May 2005
(.pdf 2.6 MB)

2PlanWkshpJune05No 5th St Transit Supportive Land Use - Workshop - June 2005
(.pdf 455 kb)

3No5th_CCPC_200508No 5th St Transit Supportive Land Use - Workshop - August 2005
(.pdf 4.91 MB)

4CodeWkshpJune05No 5th St Transit Supportive Land Use - Code Workshop - June 2005

5No5th_PCUpdt_Aug2005No 5th St Transit Supportive Land Use - Update to Planning Commission - Aug 2005
(.pdf 464kb)

No 5th St Transit Supportive Land Use - TOD Typologies - May 2005
(.pdf 1.9 MB)

7No5th_TownHallMeeting_092005Town Hall Meeting with Mayor Montandon - Sept. 20, 2005
(.pdf 3.41 MB)

8LandUseDraft_June2005Public Workshop Composite Map - May 2005 (.pdf 2.6 MB)

9TOD_FrameworkTOD Framework - May 2005
(.pdf 939 kb)