Graffiti Removal

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What is Graffiti?

Graffiti vandalism is a sign of urban decay. It is costly, destructive and gives the appearance that the community is not concerned about its neighborhoods.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW! The city’s beautification codes require that structures be kept free of graffiti.

Who is Responsible for the Removal of Graffiti?

The removal of graffiti that is located on privately owned property is the responsibility of the owner of the property. Our Code Enforcement Staff will work with private property owners to address their concerns. Please fill out the online request form or call us at 1-702-633-1677.

The removal of graffiti that is located on property that is owned by the City of North Las Vegas can be reported to the 24-hour graffiti hotline by calling 1-702-633-1871. Our Community Improvement Team will remove the graffiti. Please fill out the online request form or call the Graffiti Hotline at 1-702-633-1871 to report graffiti.

If you witness graffiti vandalism in progress, call the police at 1-702-633-9111.

What Can I Do To Help?

Residents can take control of their neighborhoods by quickly reporting and removing graffiti. Prompt removal reduces the chance of graffiti reappearing, and it helps maintain a safe, secure and attractive environment.

Report Graffiti. Call the Graffiti Hotline at 702-633-1871 or click here to submit a report online

Call the Graffiti Hotline and request to help paint.

To report an incident in progress that you witness:

  • DO NOT confront the vandal.
  • Call the police.
    • Note the damage and location for follow-up investigation, and similar damage in the immediate area.
    • Provide pictures if possible.
    • Provide a description of the suspect, including gender, clothing type and color.
    • Provide the suspect’s license plate and information on the vehicle.

Be part of a neighborhood watch program to get rid of the graffiti in your area!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Thanks for your help in making North Las Vegas a better place to live!