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City Hall
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Suite 14
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030


  • Jason McMillan, Fire Prevention Supervisor, 702-292-5472
  • Lucas Bartlett, Fire Prevention Inspector, 702-215-9648
  • Joshua Gibson, Fire Prevention Inspector, 702-371-1821
  • Kris White, Fire Prevention Inspector, 702-249-1705
  • Patrick Noble, Fire Protection Specialist/Plans Examiner, 702-633-2615
  • Rick Current, Fire Protection Specialist/Plans Examiner

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To request Service Work Orders, Temporary Operational Permits, Annual Operational Permits, and Invoice Payment Records please email .To request an appointment for an over the counter fire review please send request to


  • Sprinkler Rough/Final up to (5) Heads with Approval Letter
  • Sprinkler Hydrostatic Test
  • Sprinkler System (Dry) 24 Hour Air Test
  • Standpipe Hydrostatic Test
  • Underground Hydrostatic Test
  • Fire Alarm 24 Hour Battery Test
  • Medical Gas Pressure Test
  • Fire Final Tenant Improvements of B & M Occupancies Not to Exceed 3000 Square Feet
  • Fire Business License of a B & M Occupancies Not to Exceed 3000 Square Feet
The inspections listed above may be done through video means.

Fire Protection Specialist

The Fire Prevention Section works closely with the City’s Permit Application Center and Business License Division in providing inspections for new/existing businesses located within North Las Vegas. Other services provided by Fire Prevetion are handling customer inquiries/complaints, knox box applications, hydrant/access inspections, permit fee collection (Ordinance No. 2709), temporary event permits, and hazardous material research. 

North Las Vegas Fire Code Amendments to the 2018 IFC

Office hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday
Please call 702-633-1576 before 4 p.m. for next business day inspections.