Fire Protection Specialist

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2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North 
North Las Vegas NV 89030


Fire Protection Specialist

The Fire Plans Review Section is currently staffed with one Fire Protection Specialist.  The Fire Protection Specialist reviews plans submitted for planning, civil improvement, building, and fire protection systems in accordance with local and state requirements. This section is also responsible for interpreting and applying the Fire Code as necessary, and assists in the modifications of the Fire Code as adopted by the City. The Fire Protection Specialist is only available by appointment for specific types of over-the-counter plan reviews (see information sheet below) and for consultation regarding fire protection requirements for new and existing buildings and businesses.

Note: No show or late arrivals for scheduled over-the-counter reviews will be subject to a 1-3 day turn around time.

All plans submitted to the Permit Application Center for review on February 4, 2019 or after will be reviewed to compliance with the 2018 Editions of the International Codes and the adopted amendments of the City of North Las Vegas.

Developer Support Documents
Land Development Guide

Alternate Materials and Methods Application
Fire Monitoring Only System Layout
HMIS Stand Alone
Haz-mat Form 2018 IFC

Informational Sheets 
B&FS General Notes - Fire Sprinklers
B&FS General Notes - Residential Fire Sprinklers
General Fire Safety Notes for Civil Plan Submittals

Turn-Around Goals for Plan Review
Hazardous Materials Screening
High Piled Storage Supplemental Sheet
Over-the-Counter Reviews
Common Problems with Building Plans
FS General Notes Fire Alarm
Kitchen Hood Suppression System Checklist
Co2 Guidelines
General Guidelines for MME
Fire Protection Application
Checklist for Sprinkler Plan Submittal
Guidelines for Fire Protection Reports
Methodology EPR

Fire Prevention Forms

Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  1. General Information
  2. Weekly Inspection
  3. Contractor's Material And Test Certificate For Underground Piping
  4. Contractor's Material And Test Certificate For Aboveground Piping
  5. Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  6. Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  7. Preaction/Deluge Sprinkler Systems
Standpipe And Hose Systems
  1. General Information
  2. Weekly Inspection
  3. Standpipe And Hose Systems
Private Fire Service Mains
  1. Private Fire Service Mains
  2. Hydrant Flow Test
  3. Hydraulic Graph
Fire Pumps
  1. Weekly Inspection
  2. Weekly Operating Tests
  3. Monthly Inspection/Maintenance
  4. Quarterly/Semi-Annual Inspection/Maintenance
  5. Annual Fire Pump Maintenance
  6. Annual Performance Tests
  7. Annual Test Summary Page
  8. Flow And Pressure Record
Water Tanks
  1. Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Of Water Storage Tanks
Water Spray Systems 
  1. General Information
  2. Weekly Inspection
  3. Water Spray Systems Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual/5-Year
Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems
  1. General Information
  2. Weekly Inspection
  3. Monthly Inspection
  4. Quarterly Inspection
  5. Annual Inspection
  6. Annual Maintenance
  7. Annual Tests
  8. Quarterly Tests
Water Mist Systems
  1. General Information
  2. Weekly Inspection
  3. Water Mist Systems Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual/5-Year
Fire Alarm And Emergency Communication System
  1. Inspection, Testing And Maintenance
  2. Record Of Completion