Public Information Officer

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Public Information/Community Liaison Division
4040 Losee Road 
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

The Public Information Officer is responsible for coordinating the department’s public, media, marketing and intergovernmental relations. This office is further tasked with the organization of seasonal activities, publicity/marketing campaigns, managing crisis and addressing negative publicity. Other duties involve developing the day to day management of all internal and external communication strategies as well as long term strategies for both. The Public Information Office is also responsible for producing professionally written documents, brochures, summaries, books and manuals, reports of all pertinent fire department activities as directed by the Chief of Fire Department. The role of the Public Information Officer is quite diverse in the sense that he/she must function in dual or multiple roles to meet the demands for public information in this present era. The PIO is an intricate part in establishing positive relationships with all outside entities and the community.The primary goal of the position is to disseminate information and keep the public informed, in conjunction with working with the media to allow this to happen.

As the Community Liaison Officer he/she is the Supervisor for outreach programs for public education and prevention, supervised tours of the department, planning, organizing, and creating community events as well as participating in other programs via partnerships. As the Community Liaison Officer the position can be very diverse and all inclusive with the range of activities as well as demands of the community.