Fire Explorer Program

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North Las Vegas Fire Department provides the opportunity for high school and college students to become familiar with career opportunities available in the fire service. Through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and volunteer work, explorers are provided a base of knowledge & experience that will benefit them not only in fire service careers, but also in all future endeavors. The program is designed to encourage and promote being safe, accountability, communication, teamwork, fitness and develop leadership skills.


  • Identify career fields that are related to the fire service.
  • Provide career path advisement, information, and teach fire safety education.
  • Assist the community by volunteer work in fire safety education & related service work.
  • Identify and discuss the organizational components of a fire department.
  • Identify and perform the basic duties required of an entry-level firefighter.


The Program Advisor, under the supervision of Local 1607, manages the Explorer Program. It is the intent of North Las Vegas Fire Department to organize the Explorer Program to operate in an environment that promotes maximum internal management. Explorers are offered the opportunity to advance to leadership positions to develop interpersonal effectiveness and management skills. The Explorer Program is open to high school and college students ages 15-21. Meetings are conducted on scheduled Sundays from 7:00AM to 12:30PM. Each meeting consists of classroom instruction covering a variety of subjects related to the fire service, and a number of hands-on drills allowing exposure to fire equipment and suppression techniques.


  • Probationary – completed physical exam and has issued equipment.
  • Explorer – completed physical exam & Minimum Company Standards, and has issued equipment.


  • Open to high school and college students ages 15-21.
  • Applicants must attend 4 consecutive Sunday recruitment meetings.
  • Applicants turning 21 during the recruitment process may continue in the program.
  • Members pay the following costs: Annual Membership Fee - $100.
  • All members turning 21 while in the program must continue their college education and fire service entrance exams.
  • All members may continue the program until a full time fire service position is acquired.
  • Members may NOT have arrests or convictions for multiple minor offensive any serious offenses.
  • All members must wear and maintain required uniform/equipment for meetings and events.
  • All members must maintain a clean-shaven appearance and good hygiene. Hair length and side burns shall not extend past the lower edge of the ear lobe. Hair may be pinned up to meet this standard. Mustaches shall not extend below the corner of the mouth. Goatees are NOT permitted.
  • All members must remove any pierced jewelry prior to any activity.
  • All members must maintain a "C" average in all classes and good conduct with the school.
  • All members must attend meetings scheduled on Sundays from 7:00AM to 12:30PM.
  • All members must assist with 1 community event each month.


Contact: Omari Stephens, Explorer Coordinator
Email: E-mail Form Link | Phone: (702) 482-8506

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