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Many people have a disaster plan for the family, but have they included their pets? Ensure animals stay safe and remain a loving part of the family by taking the following steps:

  • Get a Rescue Alert Sticker -- The Rescue Alert Sticker will notify people of pets that are inside the home. Place the sticker in a visible spot for a rescue worker to see. Include the types and number of pets in the home and the name and phone number for their veterinarian. If you have evacuated, write "EVACUATED" across the sticker.
  • Find a Place for your Pet -- Never evacuate without your pets. Make sure you have a predetermined pet-friendly place to go in the case of an evacuation, because not all Red Cross Facilities allow pets.
  • Pet Emergency Kit -- Along with an emergency preparedness kit for your household, it is also a good idea to create one for your pets. Some items to include are: a pet first-aid kit, food and water to last 3 - 7 days and toys to keep your pets occupied.

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