Risk Management

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Finance Department Risk Management Division
North Las Vegas City Hall
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Suite 820 
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 633-1417
Fax: (702) 399-8426
Email: riskmanagement@cityofnorthlasvegas.com

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 5:45 PM, Monday thru Thursday, excluding holidays (closed on Friday).


The Risk Management Division (Risk) is responsible for identifying and managing risks, safe guarding City assets, protecting employee well-being, promoting safety, and reducing the frequency, severity and associated cost of claims.  We take the safety of the public and our City employees seriously.

The division provides comprehensive services related to administration of the City’s Risk Management program, including:

  • Commercial Insurance
    • Develop and coordinate the self-insurance and excess insurance programs for the City
    • Protect City-wide employees and assets by providing insurance consulting and risk recommendations to City departments
  • General Liability and Subrogation Claims Administration
    • Commitment in claims handling
    • Protect City and Taxpayer’s interest by collecting on infrastructure recovery from third parties responsible for injury or damage to City resources and property
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration
    • Ensure City employees are covered in cases of work-related injuries as per NRS 616C, and the ability to offer a resolution through effective medical treatment and return-to-work programs
  • Safety and Loss Control
    • Ensure compliance with Federal OSHA and State OSHA safety standards and training requirements
    • Development and implementation of safety programs and policies to reduce exposure to loss and to control the cost of loss
    • Promote a safer & healthier working environment for all City employees
    • Protect public interest with appropriate insurance and safety oversight for special events
  • Risk Transfer
    • Ensure certificate of insurance, contractual insurance language and risk transfer requirements in vendor and service provider agreements
    • Certificate of Insurance (COI) requirements

Our Mission

To identify and provide value-added risk management to minimize risk and financial loss to City of North Las Vegas employees and City owned assets.

Reporting a Claim

    • Private Property Claims
    • Vehicle Related Claims – Personal Injury and/or Vehicle Property Damage
    • Other Claims:
If you feel you have a legal basis for a claim against the City of North Las Vegas, you should take the following steps:

1. To submit a claim form online, click here.

2. You can also submit your claim via:

      • Email to riskmanagement@cityofnorthlasvegas.com
      • Fax (702) 399-8426
      • By phone (702) 633-1417 or (702) 633-1418

3. To file a claim via email or fax, click here to download a claim form.

4. Complete the claim form and submit it to the Risk Management Division along with supporting documentation.  

5. Supporting documentation 

Examples: Any statements, witness contact, photos, vehicle registration, estimate/cost for repairs, police report, etc.

6. Wait for a response. You will receive a confirmation via email or telephone call confirming receipt of your submission within 5 working days, and additional information will be provided on the claims process or any additional information.


Claims FAQs

What information should I file with my claim?

All claims must accompany the Claim Form (and notarized), you should also attached any supporting documentation such as receipts, statements, photo, diagrams, estimates or invoices.  All documents submitted with your claim become property of the City and are considered public documents.

What happens once I file a claim?

The claim form and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the City’s Risk Management and/or the City’s insurance carrier. You may be contacted for any additional information. The City's policy, supported by state law, is to approve only those claims in which the City is negligent in some way.  The length of time it takes to investigate a claim will vary by case, however most claims are processed within 6-8 weeks of filing.

How do I report a claim that involves road hazards, such as potholes, manhole, valve lid covers or general road debris?

The City generally is not responsible for damage caused by "acts of nature" (i.e., storms, floods, weather damage) or claims related to cracks in sidewalks, potholes in roadways, debris in roadway, or lid covers, unless the City has been given notice, as per NRS 41.033, that a hazard exists and does not repair the damage in a reasonable period of time.  We recommend filing a claim through your auto insurance carrier.

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

A claimant may take their vehicle to any licensed body shop.  The City may require at least 2 estimates before agreeing to resolve the vehicle property claim.  Please consult with the Claims Coordinator about your case.

I was injured so who is going to pay for my medical expenses?

The claimant is responsible for all medical expenses.  You must file a claim with the City if you feel the City was responsible for the injuries.  If it is determined that the City is responsible, the City will review to determine appropriate settlement of the claim.  The City does not pay medical providers directly.


IMPORTANT: Any person who knowingly files a statement or claim containing false, incomplete, or misleading information with intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any insurer, is guilty of a felony under Nevada State Law.


Department Contacts:

Tracy Johnson, Workers’ Compensation Officer
E-mail Form Link

Janet Nieves, Risk Management & Liability Manager
E-mail Form Link