Fire Rehabilitation

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All construction for fire rehabilitation projects shall comply with the following guidelines:

    1. The homeowner or licensed contractor shall secure all necessary permits prior to the first inspection. Permits shall be secured, either separately or as a combination, to cover the entire nature of the work to be done as stipulated in a scope of work. The scope of work will become an enforceable part of the approved plans.
    2. Prior to the first inspection, all demolition shall be performed. This includes removal of all materials charred or burned and those which may conceal fire damaged products. This includes flooring, wall and ceiling coverings, insulation, roofing and roof sheathing, appliances, etc.

For this purpose "charred" shall indicate that structural damage has occurred, can be identified visually and recognized as cracking, checking or bubbling of internal moisture evident on the exterior surface of the burned materials.

  1. At the first inspection, a determination will be made by the inspector to verify that the scope of work fulfills the requirements for code compliance. Should any further conditions exist, a correction list will be created and a copy left on site to become a part of the approved plans/ permits.
  2. Pre-existing conditions not affected by the scope of work will not be held accountable to this permit. Final approval of the permit shall not be authority to occupy when separate abatement exists.
  3. Pre-existing, unaffected, noncompliant conditions shall be written up as a separate Order to Comply.