Visioning 2025

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"Visioning 2025 is the City's 20-year strategic plan for long-term growth and development. It was designed with recommendations from citizen forums and stakeholder groups before its adoption by the City Council in 2005. The Visioning 2025 Plan is used by departments throughout City government. The impact of the plan is documented regularly. Some of the City's Visioning 2025-based achievements include town hall meetings, citywide recycling and construction of the City's Water Reclamation Facility."

Strategic Plan UpdateStrategicPlanNLVUpdate2010
In order to adapt to the rapidly changing economic climate, the City has taken several steps to keep planning for long-term sustainable success and quality services. Below, is an updated strategic plan that was devised for growth and development through 2030. The plan is based on the Visioning 2025 Plan, but provides a more detailed blueprint for the City administration to follow and to meet specific performance targets.

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(Dated April 2010 - .pdf 146 KB)

Graphic of Cover of Visioning 2025 Strategic Plan Visioning2025_StrategicPlan
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(Dated March 2005 - .pdf 1.49MB)