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The North Las Vegas Police Department presents Every 15 Minutes (police lights flashing)

Note: This is a transcript for a fictional educational video which simulates a DUI accident.

(Two cars crashing)

On Average in America someone is Killed From An Alcohol Related Crash EVERY 15 MINUTES

(Clock ticking and heart beat noises)

While You Watch This Video Two People Will Needlessly Die On Our Roadways

(Heart rate with monitor heartbeat noises) Actual 911 Call:

Operator: Hello emergency

Caller panicking and crying: Yeah there was an accident. It's really bad, really bad.

Operator: Are you OK?

Caller: I wasn't in the accident I just saw it was all my friends all of them were - oh my God, oh my God

(Heart rate monitor flat lines and beeps)

(New cast BREAKING NEWS slide)

Announcer: This is breaking news from channel 8 Eyewitness News.

Dave Courvoisier: Good morning I'm Dave Courvoisier with some breaking news right now. Eyewitness News is on the scene of a pretty serious car crash. Police say the crash has tragically taken the life of a local teen and has seriously injured several others. An Eyewitness News crew happened to be in the area and arrived on the scene prior to emergency personnel to give us this unprecedented look at the tragic crash.

(Video from crash scene showing car windshield with two bloody indentations from driver and passenger impacted on windshield. Sound of emergency sirens.)

(Video of young female driver in car 2 still in vehicle bloody, either unconscious or deceased.)

(Video of young male passenger (passenger 1) in car 2 bloodied with glass shards in face putting hand to head.)

(Video of beer bottle on dashboard of vehicle.)

(Video of lady (Charla) in car 1 with bruises holding onto her steering wheel.)

(Video of Police vehicles arriving at the scene with sirens blaring.)

Officer to Charla: How are you doing are you OK?

Charla crying: I'm fine

Officer: My partner will be with you alright.

(Video of young male passenger (passenger 2) in car 2 with a massive face injury.)

Officer: there are really bad injuries in this car. (Referring to car 2) would you mind checking her out and seeing if she's OK?

Officer 2: OK

Officer: She's ready to talk I let her know that you were going to talk to her.

Officer 2: OK. Hi how are you? What's your name?

Charla: Charla

Officer 2: Charla, good morning. Please step on out for me.

Charla steps out and a beer bottle falls out of the car with her.

Officer 2: Step on over here.

(Fire truck arrives)

Officer on Radio: Engine 54 this is Mojave command be advised I am going to assign you to treatment group. Meet up with (unclear) group and see what their needs are.

Officer 2: Look this way. Have you been drinking today?

Charla: Yes.

Officer 2: Yeah. Ok we're going to do some tests. Are you ready to do some tests with me? (Charla nods affirmative) Ok. Alright first test we're going to do I want you to put your hands down to your side.

Officer 3 interrupts: Is she all good?

Officer 2: Yes sir.

Officer 3: Alright.

Officer 2 to Charla: Put your hands down to your side and you're going to follow my hand with just your eyeballs you understand? (raises finger for Charle to follow, she nods her head yes). Alright do not move your head. Ok we're going to begin the test now OK? (Charla moves her head as the officer moves his finger.) Just with your eyeballs OK? (Charla nods yes but she keeps moving her head to follow the officer's finger.)

Plain clothed officer: We have a two car accident possibly one's an intoxicated driver it appears to be driving westbound with the other vehicle going eastbound.

Fire paramedic approaches driver of the other vehicle and tries to shake the unconcious or dead young female: Hey can you hear me? (he checks for a pulse) Hey here's a 419 here. (She is deceased)

Another firefighter: Copy.

Fireman: We're going to pull the roof off this vehicle (car 2) and lets take this patient out the vehicle out the passenger side of the vehicle.

Fireman 2: So you want me to remove the dead body?

Firman: Yeah.

Police officer 2 to Charla: Ok the next test we're going to do. Put your feet together, hands down to your side. I want you to lift one leg up in the air about six inches off the ground. You're going to look down to your foot and count 1001, 1002, 1003, until I tell you to stop do you understand? (Charla lifts leg)

(A firefighter uses the jaws of life to rip open a car, while another holds the hurt passenger 1. They take passenger 1 out and carefully put him on a stretcher. Various radio communications are heard.)

(Video inside a flight for life helicopter)

Radio: We're about one mile from scene, now orbiting over scene awaiting to fire the setup.

(Firefighters dismantle vehicle)

(Charla tries to pass leg lift sobriety test but fails)

Officer 2: Ok we're going to do one more test Ok? You're going to imagine that you have a line right here (waves hand to simulate line.) You're going to put your right foot in front of your left foot. You're going to count out nine steps one way. You're going to make a turn and count nine steps the other way. Do you understand?

Charla: Yeah.

Officer 2: Ok keep your hands down to your side. You're going to count out each step out loud. Do you understand?

(Firefighters treating passenger 1 on stretcher. Firefighter placing blanket over deceased driver.)

(Video inside of a flight for life helicopter)

Radio: the scene is at 1 'o clock.

(Charla is having difficulty walking in a straight line)

Officer 2: Ok. Alright we're going to do one more test. I need for you to turn around, put your hands behind your back. (the officer cuffs Charla). Charla your are being placed under arrest for DUI with accident. Come on. (he escorts Charla to a patrol vehicle.)

(EMTs load the passenger 1 into an ambulence as the flight for lie helicopter lands. A firefighter breaks the winshield of a car and removes the hood to get to the deceased driver and passenger 2 with massive face wounds. Passenger 2 is loaded onto the flight for life hellicopter. A seatbelt is place on Charla in the back of a patrol vehicle and the helicoptor lifts off.)

(The deceased driver is removed from the vehicle with a stretcher. She is covered again with a blanket.)

Officer speaking to reporter: She's there(referring to deceased driver) we're just waiting to identify her. We believe she went to school at Mojave (points to the high school behind him). We don't know that for a fact. The car was registered to another - obviously the parents. She was coming out of the highschool. The DUI vehicle was traveling at twice the speed limit.

(A coroner takes a pictures of the deceased driver. A body tag is place on her foot which reads Jane Doe because she is not yet identified. She is placed in a body bag and transferred to a hearse.)

Dave Courvoisier: A very tragic scene there. The injured teens were transported to UMC Trauma Center. Channel Eight Eyewitness News had a crew there when they arrived and updating us now on their conditions.

(Flight for life helicopter lands at hospital and transports passenger 2 into the hospital.)

Reporter to EMT: How are you?

EMT: Good, good (unclear) unrestrained passenger of a Mustang high speed head on.

Reporter: OK. (Passenger 2 is moved to hospital bed) Do we have a pulse?

Medic: We got a weak pulse. (They place medical equipment on him.) Listen to his lungs.

Reporter: So he just became agonal (abnormal breathing) when you dropped down?

Medic: yeah.

EMT speaking to passenger 1 in ambulance: Open your eyes - wide good good. Do you remember what happened?

Passenger 1: No (shakes head no)

EMT: Not at all?

Passenger 1: shakes head no.

EMT: Ok how old are you?

Passenger 1: 18

EMT: Do you have any medical problems we should be aware of?

Passenger 1: No

EMT: Not at all? (shakes head no). Do you take any medications?

Passenger 1: No

EMT: Were you drinking?

Passenger 1: I don't remember.

EMT: You don't remember.

Dr working on passenger 2: He has (injuries) to his chest.

(Nurse gives description of damage to right eye. Dr. gives orders for care of passenger)

Nurse: Do we still have pulses?

Dr: I have (unclear), but I don't have pulses. Drop the bed. (Nurse squeezes plastic bottle attempting CPR). I need drugs please (drug names.)

(Passenger 1 is transported into the hospital)

Dr giving an interview: On a daily we see people that come to this trauma center. They're invovled in motor vehicle collisions. They're involved with someone who is drinking or either they have been drinking. Or they've been distracted while they were driving. All of these things just equal terrible behavior and people end up suffering and dying. The person that dies that's a horrible tragedy, but the family live on and they have to live with that. And it's a horrible experience for everyone involved.

Dr working on passenger 2: Guys that's it. I'm sorry.

Nurse: 9:45 (time of death)

(Passenger 2 is covered with a blanket.)

Dr: Sorry guys. Thanks.

Dr talking to parents of passenger 2: Are you his parents? (they state that they are). I'm Dr. Casey I'm a trauma surgeon. I'm very sorry to tell you this. Your son died. He was involved in a car crash. He was hit by another vehicle and his head went through the window of the car. We tried everything we could do for him and the brain injury was so severe that we couldn't save him. I'm very sorry.

Mother of passenger 2: Is there anything you can do?

Dr: He just died. I'm very sorry.

(Mother painfully breaks down and family holds each other)

Dr: I know - I'm very sorry. I'm sorry. (Dr places hand on mother.)

(Parents walk to deceased passenger 2 crying. Mother breaks down painfully again.)

Dr: I need a chair (for the mother) Can I have a chair? (the Dr unfolds the blanket so the mother can see her son's face. There are more tears.) Do you need a chair?

(Mother places her head on sons blanket covered chest and cries painfully.)

Dave Courvoisier: Certainly a parent's worst nightmare and another life taken as a result of this horrible crash. As you saw Police arrested one of the teen drivers for DWI. Channel Eight Eyewitness News is at the detention center for that part of the story.

(Police vehicle at the detention center. Charla is being escorted into jail by an officer.)

Officer: go right in here through the door... Alright come over here take a seat to the right. Sit down. (Charla sits on a bench in the detention booking area.)

Detention Officer: Please stand up for me (Charla stands up) Turn around and face the wall (Charla abides.) Do you have anything sharp on you? (No) OK spread your feet (Charla abides.) (The detention officer frisks Charla and points her to a mugshot station). Alright come right over here. (Charla is uncuffed and sat down for a blood test.)

Technician: Are you currently taking any medications? (No) Alright, any medical issues with you currently? (unintelligible) Ready? (a blood test is taken)

A corrections officer to Charla: Hands behind your back. We got to walk this way.

(Charla's fingers are inked and fingerprints are taken)

Corrections officer to Charla at mugshot area: Push your hair behind your ears. (Charla abides) (Look at) the box. (A mugshot picture is taken).

Charla on a phone to her mother: Mom. Mom, it's Charla. I - no I'm not coming home, I got arrested. For a DUI. Mom, I hurt some people. (crying) I don't know, I have to go OK? OK I love you.

(The Great Seal of the State of Nevada is shown from a court room)

Officer: All rise. The honorable Judge Warran Vanlandschoot residing. (the Judge enters and sits). Please be seated and come to order. (Everyone sits)

Judge: Good afternoon. It's time to set aside for the State of Nevada versus Charla Dean. Before I proceed with the sentencing I am going to ask the District Attorney, Catherine Ramsy, if she has anything to add to this sentencing.

District Attorney: This should not be taken lightly your honor and she needs to be shown that we take these matters serious. We would ask for the maximum penalty in this, and that's even short for what we can do for the families that have lost their loved ones.

Judge: Thank you.

Charla's Defense Attorney: We can't bring back the victims your honor, but I please ask that the court look at her record and give her a chance for rehabilitation. And maybe to teach others about the dangers of drinking and driving so we can save other people.

Judge: Charla Dean, do you wish to address this court and make any statements before I pronounce sentencing?

Charla: I do. (Charla stands)

Judge: Can you speak loudly please?

Charla: I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I know that I don't deserve forgiveness, but I am sorry for the trouble I've caused for all the families of the children I've hurt. I'm sorry to my own family for having to watch me go through this and I'm willing to accept any consequences that come from what I've done. But, I'm sorry.

Judge: Charla Dean, you do understand that you've taken the lives of two teenagers. Let me give you a little of what happens when somebody dies. There's two parents sitting at home wondering where their children are, and then a knock comes on the door of their home: it's the coroner. The coroner says, "I hate and regret to inform you that your daughter has been killed by a drunk driver." The mothers fall on the floor; uncontrollable, deep, heart-broken, can't control themselves. The fathers are trying their best. But they're dead. There is nothing that can happen. Now, as life goes on these two young people don't get to graduate from highschool. Not only that, Brian Blood have severe facial injuries that's going to take reconstructive surgery . Tyree died on the way to the hospital for flight for life picked him up at this crash scene. But it didn't do any good - he died. And now these parents have to make a funeral arrangement for these young people. It's horrible. These mothers and fathers are not going to get to see their children graduate from highschool. They're not going to see them go to college. They're not going to see any grandchildren. They're not going to see any marriages. They don't get to see anything because they're dead. Your parents aren't going to get to see these things either. It's really a tragedy. You chose to drink. You chose to get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated, drunk. All your motor skills were shot, but yet you took a large SUV - big vehicle - and smashed it into a small parked compact car, and totally destroyed these folks. And not only that the passenger in your car is severely injured. I know what it feels like. I get a call one night that I have to go to the hospital for the last rites of my sister from a drunk driver. OK? Fortunately my sister was in a coma for a long time and she survived. But she has many, many, many injuries as she's older than me. And she can't function properly any more. Her face was drug down the highway on the pavement for a long ways. Smashed her all to pieces. A lot of reconstructive surgery. And that's what drunk drivers do: they maim and kill people. And you chose to do that. You've killed two people. It's no different than if you've shot them dead with a gun! So, I've - you're going to have plenty of time to think about this, about what you've done. And I'm going to pass sentencing on you today, and it's going to be harsh. I'm not going to give you any mercy. I don't feel good about doing this to you, but I need to send a strong message to every young teenager who is not even eligible to drink. I'm going to send a strong message and I hope it goes to all the people, all the young people (that) there's severe consequences for bad choices. It doesn't matter if it's your first time. It shouldn't have ever happened in the first place because you are an A student, you are a very smart person but you made a foolish, foolish decision that night. So, for the taking the life of Amy Youdelis I am going to sentence you to 20 years in the Nevada State Prison. For taking the life of Tyree Schoolfield, I'm going to sentence you to 20 years consecutively in the Nevada State Prison. And for injuring Brian Blood severely, I'm going to sentence you to an additional 20 years consecutive in the Nevada State Prison. That is 60 years. You'll be 78 years old when you get out of prison (Charla cries). I'm 66 years old. Now, look at me and think what you're going to look like when you're 78 getting out of prison. That is the consequences for your bad choices. Thank you this court is now adjourned.

(An officer cuffs Charla and escorts her out of the court room. She is then placed in a holding cell and the door closes with a hard noise. )

Dave Courvoisier: Another young life ruined by making the bad decision to drink and drive. We go now to the Clark County Coroner's Office to find out more about the teen who was pronounced dead at the scene.

(Coroners remove Amy's body from hearse on a stretcher)

Coroner: Seeing a young person and getting to hear from the family when I meet them - their goals, the hopes they had. So many times the parents whole dream is resting in the children. When Im trying to make the notification they're handing me pictures of them in soccer, or sports, or what award they got like that was supposed to prevent this from happening. (Coroner inks Amy's corpse for fingerprints.) They could be the smartest, the most outgoing - and still it can happen if they make the wrong choices in life.

Dave Courvoisier: So you can see just how many people are affected by this tragic crash. Driving while impaired is no accident, it is no mistake, it is a crime and it kills people. Eyewitness News will have more updates on this horrible crash throughout the day.

*** Interviews with the participant of the video***

Acctress who played Passenger 2's (Tyree) Mother: It was scary. It was scary to even imagine that this was - something for education could be so real. (unclear) that was hard.

(Picture of fictional gravestone for Tyree Schoolfield)

(Picture of fictional gravestone for Amy Youdelis)

Dr: We see it on a daily basis, it happens all the time in this town. People make stupic decisions. They drink. They use drugs that aren't theirs. They use drugs that are theirs inappropriately. They use illegal substances. They get behind the wheel. They hurt themselves, and unfortunately more often than not they hurt innocent people. They hurt husbands and wives and children and big brothers and sisters. We see far more people get hurt who weren't drinking and driving perhaps as a result of the actions of the people who were drinking and driving (unclear).

Actor who played Victim 1 (Brian): Take a cab or call your parents. That would be the better choice. Would you rather be punished for like a couple weeks by your parents, or, you know, be paralyzed the rest of your life.

Actor who played Victim 2 (Tyree): It was very benficial to me. It impacted my life and hopefully it impacted the lives at my school as well. It struck home to me and my mom (laughs), and I definitely learned a lesson from everything.

Actress who played Charla: That was terrible. I mean to literally be told you've ruined these peoples' lives, you've ruined your life, you've ruined your parents lives. It's really surreal and it's hard not to remember the surrealism of the fact and not to feel like it's all really happening to you. You know that you're not really going to jail for 60 years.

Coroner: One of the reasons why we do the Every 15 Minutes is so that they actually understand reality. If we can prevent it by having something of a mock where they get a second chance, get to be back up by us doing a program like this and understanding it; that's that much better. We're not always going to get a second chance in life. It's not like a video game.