Planning And Zoning

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Are there any restrictions on where I may conduct my business?

How do I file an application for a variance of the zoning or landscaping regulations?

How do I know if the house I'm going to buy is in a flood zone?

How do I obtain a sign permit?

What are the parking requirements for my development?

What are the population projections for the City of North Las Vegas?

What do I need to do to operate a business out of my home? Are there restrictions?

What if I need to use City owned land temporarily?

What if I want to amend or add other aspects to my business?

What if I want to relocate my business to another location within the City?

What is a conditional use permit and how do I get one?

What is a setback?

What is the current population of the City of North Las Vegas?

What is the zoning classification of my property and the zoning regulations for development?

What is zoning?

Where can I purchase a copy of the zoning map for my neighborhood?

Who enforces my CC & R's?