Hiring Process

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NLVPD is Hiring! - Photos of female officer at work

1. Complete Application
All applicants must complete the online application. You can apply here.

2. Register for Written Test with National Testing Network
Upon completion of the online application, you will be directed to the www.NationalTestingNetwork.com website to select a test date.
Must score a minimum of 70% on each of the three sections.

3. Complete Personal History Questionnaire
Shortly upon the completion of the written test, you will be required to complete a personal history questionnaire (PHQ), which is on the www.NationalTestingNetwork.com website.

4. Physical Fitness Test
At this step, pre-screened applicants will receive an email inviting them to the physical fitness test.

5. Backgrounds
At this step, applicants will be assigned a background investigator and enter the background process.

6. Chief’s Interview
Upon successfully completing the backgrounds process, applicants will have an interview with Chief Ojeda and her command staff.

7. Psychological Evaluation
This evaluation consists of an oral interview and evaluation with a psychologist .

8. Medical Evaluation
Applicants must be in excellent health with no conditions that will restrict their ability to perform the required job functions.