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Do I need a permit for a fence?

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No, provided the fence is not constructed of block or masonry and is under 6' in height. However, front yard and corner yard lot height requirements are still applicable. Please contact the Planning Division at (702) 633-1534 for additional information.

Do I need a permit for a patio cover?

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Do I need a permit for a shed?

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No, provided the shed is an unattached structure, and is under 120 square foot in roof area. However, setbacks from the property line still have to be observed. Contact the Planning Division at (702) 633-1534 for additional information on setbacks.

Do I need a permit for a water heater and does it require an inspection?

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Yes.  Whether you are installing a new type of water heater or replacing an existing one, it is required that you get a permit prior to the installation and follow through with an inspection.

Do I need a permit to pour concrete or flatwork on my property?

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Concrete and flatwork does not require a building permit, unless a structure is to be built on top of such concrete or flatwork, however, requirements for construction still have to be met. The City requires a minimum of 4" of Type II, sand or gravel OR #3 rebar @ 16" o.c. OR #4 rebar @ 24" o.c. placed beneath the concrete.

Do I need a soils report to build a residential addition?

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No, provided the addition is under 600 square feet, and there is no geotechnical soils hazard concerns noticed when the foundation inspection is being performed.

How do I obtain a sign permit?

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The City allows several different types of signs that can be constructed, and each sign can have its own requirements. Therefore, please check with the Planning and Zoning Department at (702) 633-1537, and the Building Safety Division at (702) 633-1536, before using or installing any type of sign, flag or banner, including balloons. Permanent and temporary signs require review and approval prior to issuance of permits and installation. Furthermore, installation of any sign must be performed by a licensed contractor.

What do I do if I want to add on to my house?

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Start at the Permit Application Center:
Building and Safety Division
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
Phone 702-633-1536
Fax 702-649-9643
What if I want to amend or add other aspects to my business?

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You must notify the Business License Division of any changes of address, phone number, business activity or ownership. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork and fee information related to the requested changes. To verify that the location is zoned properly for the intended use and whether a use permit or other type of approval is required, please contact the City's Planning and Zoning Department at (702) 633-1537.

What information do I need to submit to obtain a block wall permit as a contractor or developer for commercial, multi-family or tract housing?

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A site plan showing location, length , height and type of block wall, (2) soils reports dated within one year (if not dated within one year, an update letter will be required), and (2) sets of structural calculations for the design of such walls, stamped and signed by a Nevada Registered Engineer.

What information do I need to submit to obtain a block wall permit as an owner/builder for a single family residence?

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A site plan showing location, length, and height of wall, and a letter from the adjacent property owners giving permission to construct such wall if the wall and/or footing is to be located on the property line. City of North Las Vegas standard details may be used for construction.
What is a setback?

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A setback is the minimum distance by which any building or structure (e.g. storage shed, detached garage, casita, sign, etc..) must be separated from a street right-of-way or property line.

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