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Frequently Asked Questions

Code Enforcement


The primary responsibility of the Code Enforcement Division is to respond to citizen complaints regarding municipal code violations. Requests for service are accepted in any manner (phone, fax, etc.).

Click on the following link to view or print a Request for Code Enforcement Services form (Adobe .pdf document).

Click here for Code Enforcement On-line Request for Service.

Click here to file a complaint by email.


Nuisance Violations:

  • Weeds on private property.
  • Garbage, trash and junk on private property.
  • Illegal dumping on private property.
  • Abandoned vehicles on private property.
  • Unlicensed and inoperative vehicles stored on private property.
  • Unsecured vacant buildings (board-ups only).
  • Tree branches hanging low over sidewalks or streets, weeds growing onto sidewalks.
  • Trash receptacles left out after trash pickup day.

Zoning Violations:

  • Commercial vehicles parked in a residential zone on private property.
  • Vehicles parking on an unpaved surface.
  • Structures built within setbacks that are a safety hazard.
  • Signs placed in the public right-of-way.
  • Illegal signs on private and public property.
  • Using a recreational vehicle as living quarters (except in RV park).
  • Use, occupancy or storage of a mobile home (except in a licensed mobile home park or subdivision).
  • Barbed wire fences in residential zones.
  • Electrical fences.
  • Fences over eight feet in residential zones.
  • Fences over four feet in residential front yards.
  • Fences in disrepair.
  • Activities not in compliance with current zoning regulations.


  • Graffiti. Call the 24-hour graffiti hotline, 633-1871.
  • Illegal home occupations, business license, 633-1520.
  • Structures built without a permit, contact North Las Vegas Building Safety, 633-1922.
  • Dangerous building needing to be condemned, contact North Las Vegas Building Safety, 633-1922.
  • Mobile home complaints, contact North Las Vegas Building Safety, 633-1922.
  • Obstructions in the street that pose a danger to the public
    ( basketball hoops), contact Public Works Roadway
    Operations, 633-1298.
  • Traffic signals, streetlights and traffic signs, contact Public Works Traffic Operations, 633-1298.
  • Problems on construction sites, contact Public Works Quality Control Division, 633-1318.
  • Environmental hazards, contact Public Works Resources/Environmental, 633-1216.
  • Water main shutoff, contact Public Works Maintenance Operations, 633-1275.
  • Water meter leaking, contact Public Works Maintenance Operations, 633-1275.
  • Water waste, call the water conservation hotline, 633-1216.
  • Stray animals, contact North Las Vegas Animal Control, 633-9111.
  • Fire code issues, contact North Las Vegas Fire Department/Fire Prevention Bureau, 633-1104.
  • Abandoned vehicles on public streets, contact North Las Vegas Police Department, 633-9111.
  • Dust blowing on vacant land and construction sites, contact the Air Quality Division of the Southern Nevada Health District, 385-1276.
  • Tenant/landlord problems, contact Nevada Legal Services, 386-1070.
  • Code violations in Las Vegas, contact the Las Vegas Neighborhood Response office, 229-6615.
  • Code violations in unincorporated Clark County, contact Clark County Public Response, 455-4191.
  • Illegal activities on land owned by the Bureau of Land Management, contact BLM Rangers, 647-5000.
  • Illegal home Occupation/business - Business License, 633-1520.
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